Hakone, Kanagawa Japan

When it comes to settings in my novel, I always pick Japan as the main settings and it certainly doesn’t have to be in Tokyo. Honestly, I think it’s easier to write a novel where the setting is based in Tokyo because most of us who may have been to Tokyo won’t have much problem imagining where the story takes place.

Even if you have never been to Tokyo throughout your entire life, you can pretty much imagine how Tokyo looks like because most anime (especially the sci-fi, futuristic anime) usually takes place in Tokyo.

If I choose Tokyo as the setting in The Diary of Modern Cinderella, I think it will look somewhat off which is why I pick Hakone as the main setting for the novel. Of course Risa did go elsewhere such as Yokohama (sorry for the spoiler) but she’s usually in Hakone most of the time.

I admit that Hakone is the perfect setting for The Diary of Modern Cinderella, but that’s not the only reason why I pick Hakone.

Of all places, why Hakone?

Some of you may have not known this, but I’m a huge fan of Yowamushi Pedal (Yowapeda for hardcore fans out there) and my favorite character from Yowapeda is Jinpachi Toudou. Well, his team is from Hakone so I basically choose Hakone only because of that. You can say that my obsession with Toudou is the one that makes me pick Hakone, of all many places in Japan.

Okay, I get it. That doesn’t make sense but I don’t have any particular reason why I pick Hakone other than Toudou lives in Hakone and Hakone seems like a good setting for The Diary of Modern Cinderella.

Besides Hakone being Toudou’s hometown, Hakone is also the home for Evangelion but unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of Evangelion. In fact, there is a store dedicated to Evangelion so if you’re a big fan of Evangelion, please have a look at the store.

Putting the anime fandom aside, Hakone is also widely known for greenery scenery and hot springs so you can say Hakone isn’t so bad after all. I can always pick other town that is close to Yokohama but I can’t seem to relate Risa anywhere else other than Hakone. Despite of living in Hakone in her entire life, she has never been to any of the hot spring in Hakone.

Well, I was completely forgotten about the hot spring in Hakone so that’s why I didn’t write anything about Risa going to hot spring. Maybe I should write a special chapter dedicating her trip to hot spring? Honestly, I have never thought about it but I think it seems like a good idea to me.

Over to you

What do you think about Hakone? Do you think Hakone is a perfect place for The Diary of Modern Cinderella or you actually thought of somewhere else when you read The Diary of Modern Cinderella? Share your thoughts in the comment below.