Fall 2020 Anime

It seems that my Fall 2020 anime list is much longer than my anime list for the previous season. Well, it makes sense since there weren’t that many anime coming out at that time due to the pandemic.

With most anime that came out during spring are finally wrapping up during summer, we now have tons of new anime to watch this season.

Will we have more new anime to watch for the next few seasons? Judging from the anime that are coming out this season, it looks to me that the amount of new anime coming out will be more or less the same as before the pandemic.

Sure, the pandemic is still around as I write this. But at the very least, I’m so glad that the anime industry is finally back at its usual pace.

It will also mean that my anime list will be just as long as the anime list for this season.

What Fall 2020 anime I’m currently watching

Just like the previous seasons, the anime that I’m watching in this season is a mixture of new anime and a continuation from the previous season.

As always, I tend to use the new anime as a source for me to find new books to read. If you’re like me who use anime to discover a new read, then take a look at which anime that I’m planning to add to my book list.

Here are the Fall 2020 anime that I highly recommend you to give it a try. You can also take a look at this page for a list of anime that is coming out this fall.

Akudama Drive

Imagine yourself as someone who is a goody-two-shoes who are now stuck with a group of criminals. And the worst part is you have to take part in the criminal activity if you don’t want your head to be blown to smithereens if you refuse to comply.

That’s the premise behind Akudama Drive where the main character who is just an ordinary person got herself entangled with these criminals.

I do find the story fascinating. But it was only after giving the first three episodes a try, though.

I’m not sure if I’m ever going to give the manga version a try. It will all depend on how the anime version ends. I may give the manga version a go if I’m itchy to know what happened beyond the anime version.

That is if the manga version will get a western release.

Dragon Quest – Dai no Daibouken

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the manga that I read when I was in elementary school is getting a brand new anime.

I find it strange at first since I wasn’t expecting an old manga like Dragon Quest to make a comeback. It was only when I watched Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken Tamashii no Kizuna trailer that made me realized the reason behind the brand new anime.

So far, I enjoy watching this anime because I read the manga in the past. Of course, I don’t remember every single part of the manga version. But from what I see, the anime is more or less the same as the manga.

I wish that I can make a comparison between the manga and the anime version. It was too bad that my Dragon Quest manga collection was destroyed by termites not too long ago. And I could only save a few of them.

I’m not sure how far the anime version will cover. But I doubt that they’re going to cover till the end of the story.

I guess that we’ll see for now.

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season

Okay, I have no idea what in the world is going on with the third season since the story in the third season seems rather bizarre but yet is wacky,

I’m not sure if that’s how the story is in the manga since I have yet to read the manga. So, I can’t say how similar is the anime to the manga.

Despite all the bizarre things that are happening at the beginning of the third season, I do find the third season to be more enjoyable than the first two seasons. Perhaps it may have something to do with all the wacky moments pretty much in every episode.

The anime does have a brief recap of the event that took place in the previous season. But I still encourage you to watch from the first season if you want a better understanding of the story.

Don’t feel like watching the anime from the beginning? You can also choose to read the manga if you’d like. You can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Golden Kamuy Vol.1 manga on Amazon

Haikyuu!! To The Top Second Part

How can I not watch the second part when I already watched the first part a few seasons ago? That seems strange, don’t you think?

I don’t have anything much to say about this anime other than to give the anime a try if you enjoy watching sports anime.

But if you’re new to the anime and would like to give this anime a try, I highly recommend you watch from the beginning if you want a better understanding of the story.

Prefer another way to catch up with the story? Well, you can give the manga a try as always.

If you’re interested in giving the manga a try, you can get it right here on Amazon:

Buy Haikyuu!! Vol. 1 manga on Amazon

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ever wonder about gang life in Japan? Well, Ikebukuro West Gate Park will give you a rough idea of all the things related to gang life in Japan.

What makes the anime fascinating is that the story revolves around Makoto who isn’t even a member of the gang in Ikebukuro known as G-Boys. The only reason why he gets involved with things related to the gang is simply because of the leader of the gang, Takashi, who also happens to be his best friend.

Like your typical gang-style, Takashi will also lend him a hand if Makoto gets into trouble. So, that’s fair enough.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a novel adaptation. And it also has a manga adaptation too.

It’s too bad that the manga is only available as a paperback. And it’s no longer available for sale too unless you don’t mind getting a used manga.

Will I give the manga or even a novel a try if it’s still available? The answer is no.

Yes, I won’t deny that I enjoy watching Ikebukuro West Gate Park. But not to the point where I must get the manga or the novel no matter what.

Jujutsu Kaisen

I knew about Jujutsu Kaisen through Manga PLUS. But I never bother to read the manga since the manga already has 100+ chapters and the chapters in between aren’t viewable in Manga PLUS.

Rather than hoping that Manga PLUS will provide the first 10 to 20 chapters down the road, I figure that I should just watch the anime instead just to find out what the story is all about.

That’s what I did for Dr. STONE too when the anime just came out.

So far, I enjoy watching this anime since it’s a supernatural anime which is also one of my favorite genres. But then again, I still have yet to decide if I want to add Jujutsu Kaisen to my reading list or not.

Maybe I will read the manga if the anime only runs for 24 episodes. But knowing Weekly Shonen Jump manga that received an anime adaptation, I won’t be surprised at all that the anime will get another season like Boku no Hero Academia.

If you’re into dark fantasy, supernatural anime, then be sure to have a look at this anime. And if you prefer to read the manga instead, you can get the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.1 manga on Amazon


How can I not watch this anime when the anime itself is adapted from WEBTOON and Production I.G being the animation studio for this anime?

Okay, I won’t deny that we have plenty of manhua and a handful of manhwa adaptation for the last couple of years. While a few of them are great, the majority of them are just meh.

At the very least, Noblesse is a Korean manhwa which means that you get to see all the violence in glory without having to worry about censorship.

Yes, you’ll be seeing blood spilling in this anime. But it’s not that intense, though. You can say that it feels so refreshing to see a dark fantasy Koren manhwa being adapted into anime considering that many manhwas that has an anime adaptation tend to be on the shonen type of story.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t have any sentiment against shonen manga in general. But I prefer something less mainstream, preferably in the mystery, thriller, and suspense genre.

Want to give the manhwa version a try? You can read Noblesse manhwa online right here on WEBTOON:

Read Noblesse manhwa on WEBTOON

Osomatsu-san 3rd Season

Well, I watched the first and the second season before. So, it makes sense for me to watch the third season despite the second season was meh for me.

Of course, I can stop watching the anime altogether since the jokes in the second season were rather forced, with most of them are third-rate dirty jokes.

Does the third season is much better than the second one? All I can say for now is time will tell. But the third season is taking things to another notch by having a serious, darker episode.

Personally, I would rather the third season filled with serious, dark episodes instead of the third-rate dirty jokes.

But this is Osomatsu-san, anyway. I doubt that it will leave the dirty jokes behind and move on to something much more sinister.

I will keep watching this anime like I always do because of the serious, dark episodes. But my expectation for the third season will be low because the jokes aren’t that funny, unlike the first season.

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Yuukoku no Morriarty

The murder cases that even put Sherlock Holmes into a head spin. That’s the premise behind Yuukoku no Moriarty where we have William James Moriarty who comes from the noble class but also a crime consultant on the side.

What does it mean by being a crime consultant, anyway? Well, what he does is advising people on how to commit a perfect crime. And he’s doing it pro bono too since all of his “clients” are from the low and the middle class.

What’s more, he only comes to these people’s aid when he found out about the evil things that those from the noble class did to these people.

You can say that he’s one of the accomplices. But you can’t find any proof of his involvement since he only advises people on how to commit the crime without getting caught. It was his clients who committed the crime, not him.

If you think that William is doing the wrong thing for the right reason, then you’re right. But then again, I still find the anime fascinating because of how thorough William is when it comes to forming a plan for the perfect crime. And his plan is so simple to follow too.

This is the Fall 2020 anime that I’m so looking forward to watching every week. It even got me interested in buying the manga in print too.

If this is the sort of manga that you enjoy reading, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

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Which Fall 2020 anime that caught your interest?

Which Fall 2020 anime that caught your interest on the list? Let me know in the comment below. Watch other anime besides the one I listed here? You can also let me know about it in the comment too.

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