Yuuto Kimizuki

I’m sorry that it took me such a long time to write about the inspiration behind the character design for Yuuto Kimizuki in greater detail.

I admit that this post ended up taking a backseat due to the limited blog update schedule. It looks like the once-a-month blog update won’t do any justice to this blog.

Since the blog is now back to once a week update schedule, now I have the chance to talk more about it.

The inspiration behind Yuuto Kimizuki

It’s no surprise here that I tend to draw inspiration for the character design from the anime. So, the character design for Yuuto Kimizuki isn’t any different.

Well, anime, manga, and video game is the basis for my writing. So, it shouldn’t be a no-brainer that the inspiration will come from any of these sources, right?

Somehow, I always imagine Yuuto to look like Kagari from PSYCHO PASS whenever I write about him.

Shusei Kagari

I can’t say for sure why I always imagine him to look like Kagari. But perhaps it may have something to do with Kagari’s badass look and cool attitude.

Because of that, I ended up portraying Yuuto to resemble him a bit.

Well, Yuuto is already badass enough because of him being a sniper in the squad.

A little-known secret for you

During the planning stage for Trigger Locked, I’ve already decided from the beginning that Yuuto will be the sniper and Touka will be a martial art expert.

But when I began writing The Mind Control Assassins, I began to wonder if I should let Touka be the sniper instead of Yuuto. I can’t say for sure why I had that thought. But it could be because Sinon is the sniper.

In case you’re wondering, the character design for Touka was inspired from Sinon.

Yes, I’m talking about Sinon from SAO. I doubt that there’s another character with that name other than her.

After a long thought, I’ve decided to let their role in the squad remained unchanged. I had a feeling that I had a difficulty to write about Touka from the sniper’s perspective.

I don’t mean to undermine the role of a sniper in a covert mission. But I have more things to say if Touka is on the frontline.

Besides, I think Yuuto will be a lot cooler being a sniper rather than being on the frontline, though.

Well, it’s not that he can’t be cool at all if he’s on the frontline. But I don’t think his attitude is a perfect fit for someone who has to be on the frontline.

Not only that, but it will also make him a lot mysterious too.

To be honest, anyone who is a sniper is already mysterious. And Yuuto seems to fit the mold, don’t you think?

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