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Like most people, I’m glad that the year 2023 is already here.

I get to start the year with a clean slate.

And I get to leave all the crazy things that happened to me in 2022 behind.

Yes, I confess. 2022 wasn’t a great year for me.

But it can’t be all that bad, right?

Yes, I admit that many good things happened to me in 2022. But it’s nowhere near being my best year.

Will 2023 be my best year has yet to be seen since we’re only in the second week of January as this post goes live.

But one thing I know for sure is the year 2023 will be much better than the year before.

At least that’s what my intuition is telling me.

The year 2022 in review

What makes 2022 wasn’t a great year for me isn’t so much to do with all the crazy things that happened to me.

Rather, it’s more to do with me not accomplishing my goals for the year.

It’s frustrating when I didn’t accomplish much, especially since these are the things that I didn’t manage to do the year before.

So, why did I fail to achieve any of the goals?

Was it because I slack off a lot back then?

Well, I won’t deny that I did slack off a bit.

But the reason why I didn’t accomplish much last year has something to do with me spending more time working on my other website, The Efficient You, creating the first digital product for the website and also rewriting my other book.

These are the goals that I set for that year which are separate from what I do here.

Just so you know that the book that I was rewriting is a nonfiction book that I published years ago. I didn’t do any rewriting for my fiction book, save for The Diary of Modern Cinderella which I rewrote years ago.

While it didn’t take that long for me to revive my other website, it took me a lot longer than I thought to get the digital product ready for its prime time and rewrite the nonfiction book.

And before I knew it, December was already here.

The good news is I did manage to get the first digital product on sale and finished rewriting the book just in time before Christmas.

While I did manage to accomplish some of the goals for that year, it still frustrates me that I didn’t accomplish much.

My plan for the year 2023

There’s no doubt that my plan for the year 2023 will be about doing the things that I didn’t get to do in 2022.

Yes, the list is still the same as the one that I shared with you in this blog post.

But for accountability purposes, here are the things that I plan to do for this year.

Distribute my books to other retailers

Yes, this year will be the year where you’ll get to see my books available for sale beyond the usual retailers.

While I don’t have the exact date on when I’m going to make it happen, I do plan to get started with distributing my books to other retailers in a month or two.

As always, I’ll let you know when my books are available for sale on other retailers on my blog.

Publish the hardback and large print editions for all books

Similar to distributing my books to other retailers, I don’t have the exact date when I’m going to release a different edition for all of my books.

But all I can say is I can only get started with releasing the books in different editions once I’m done with distributing my books to other retailers.

And yes, that means you’ll get to see these different editions within a month or two.

That is if everything is according to the plan, though.

Publish the digital bundle edition of the Trigger Locked series

Just like the name implied, you’ll get to buy the books in a bundle instead of a single book.

Not only that you’ll save money when you buy the book in a bundle. But you’ll get to binge-read all three books right away too since the bundle will consist of the first three books from the series.

As always, the digital bundle edition will be available for sale on my Payhip store. But you can also get the bundle edition on Kobo as well.

Will the digital bundle edition be available elsewhere?

Not for the time being, I guess. But I may change my mind about that depending on the situation.

Publish the fourth book of the Trigger Locked series

Unlike the last time when I don’t even have the tentative title for the book, the fourth book of the series will be now known as The Modern Pied Piper.

I’m sure that you can guess what the story for the fourth book is all about based on the title alone. The only difference is that the culprit isn’t going to lure anyone with a trumpet.

Thus, the name The Modern Pied Piper. The modern pied piper will entice people with words that they want to hear the most.

That’s all I can say about the book for now.

I’ll let you know more about the book when I have the chance.

My personal goal for this year

Like most people, I do want to get started with learning Japanese this year as well.

But with so many things that I want to do this year, it will be unrealistic for me to aim that I’m going to be fluent in Japanese by the end of the year.

So, what I will do instead is to find the learning approach that works best in my situation.

That is more doable for me. I’m sure that eventually, I’ll be fluent in Japanese someday as long as I have the learning method that works for me.

Another thing that I want to do this year is to start regulating my sleep.

I know myself well enough that I won’t be at my peak performance if I don’t get enough sleep. And I don’t think I can achieve all the things that I want to achieve if my sleeping hour is out of whack.

Get proper sleep and everything else will fall into the right places.

That’s what I believe in.

Will this year be different this time around?

Like most people, I’m hoping that this year isn’t the same as the last year or the year before.

Will I be able to able to tick off every single goal that I set?

To be frank, I don’t know.

But one thing I know for sure is I’m going to achieve all the things that I plan to do regardless of the situation.

That’s my promise to myself. And it’s a promise to you too, of course.

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