SPY x FAMILY Yoru Briar

Many of you who reads SPY x FAMILY may already familiar with SPY x FAMILY Yoru Briar. For those of you who don’t know, Yoru works as a normal clerk at Berlint City Hall. But she also happens to be an assassin known as Thorn Princess too.

Isn’t that the same as the main character from my Trigger Locked series, Touka Kimizuki? Unlike SPY x FAMILY Yoru Briar, Touka Kimizuki is a high-schooler. But the fact that she has another identity where she’s working for PSIA makes her similar to Yoru Briar one way or another.

That’s not the only thing where Touka and SPY x FAMILY Yoru Briar have a similar resemblance. They’re also strong too.

Sure, their weapon of choice is different since Yoru tends to kill people with a needle-like sharp weapon whereas Touka is using a gun to kill her enemies.

Regardless of the weapon they use, it’s clear that they’re strong enough to take down the enemy on their own.

If you’re keeping up with SPY x FAMILY manga on MANGA Plus, then you already know how strong Yoru Briar is.

But what about Touka Kimizuki? Is she just as strong as Yoru Briar from SPY x FAMILY?

Or perhaps Touka is a lot stronger than Yoru? Which is which?

A little bit about Touka Kimizuki

For those of you who are wondering who in the world Touka Kimizuki is, she’s the main character from my Trigger Locked series.

On the surface, she’s only your typical high-schooler. But nobody knows that she and her twin brother, Yuuto, are working for PSIA. And the reason for that is because of their ability to kill skilled assassins while they were still in middle school.

What’s more, the government deems them to be an outlier thanks to their strength and intelligence that is beyond the average human. That makes them a perfect candidate for the government’s top secret-project known as Transhuman Development Project.

Of course, the government failed to seize them because they already killed the skilled assassins that the government sent to pursue them.

You can learn more about what happened to them when they were still in middle school in the prequel, A Triggered Past.

After learning about Touka, don’t you think that Touka and Yoru are similar in many ways?

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How strong Touka is when you compare her to SPY x FAMILY Yoru Briar?

There’s no doubt that Touka is stronger than the average human, at least in the context of Trigger Locked series. But not to the point where she can destroy a car with a kick like Yoru does.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Touka isn’t as strong as Yoru because she’s not strong enough to destroy a car with a kick or a punch. That makes Yoru to resemble a transhuman a lot more than Touka.

I know it sounds strange for me to say this. As much as I want to make Touka having superhuman strength to illustrate the fact that her strength is beyond the average human, a part of me feels that it doesn’t feel realistic at all.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having a character that is strong strength-wise like Yoru. It’s just that, I prefer my characters to fall on the realistic side of the spectrum. So, having superhuman strength doesn’t seem to sit well for me even for someone like Touka and Yuuto.

That also applies to my other character, Hayato Kusanagi. Sure, he seems to be on another spectrum since he has far better stats than Touka and Yuuto. So, that should make him strong enough to destroy a car with a bare hand, right?

To be honest, I’m not sure about that. But I do know that he’s strong enough to kill people with one strike. And it’s even deadlier when he kills someone with a tactical pen.

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Does it mean that Yoru wins?

Well, that seems unfair for me to say that Yoru wins in this department considering that both characters aren’t even coming from the same universe.

But if Yoru and Touka have to face each other, I will say that both of them are equal strength-wise. It’s just that Touka has to watch out for Yoru’s kick while Yoru will have to watch out for Touka’s punch.

Or perhaps Yoru has to watch out for Touka drawing her gun while Touka has to watch out for Yoru pointing her weapon on her neck?

Either way, that seems like a deadly fight to me.

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