Red Cat Ramen Manga Book Cover

What kind of Red Cat Ramen manga is when you see a cat holding a noodle bowl and a noodle strainer on the other hand on the book cover?

Is it some cooking manga but this time we have a cat who does the cooking instead?

Well, you’re not wrong since it really is a cat that does the cooking.

But the thing about this manga is that it’s nothing like a cooking manga such as Shokugeki no Soma at all.

And it’s certainly nothing like a cat manga such as Chi’s Sweet Home either.

So, what kind of manga is Red Cat Ramen when it’s neither a manga like Shokugeki no Soma nor a manga like Chi’s Sweet Home?

I admit that Red Cat Ramen isn’t anything like the cat manga you came across before.

But I can assure you that the manga is still worth reading despite being a little tad too strange at first.

What Red Cat Ramen manga is all about

Here’s the description that I got from MANGA Plus.

Meet Tamako, who’s found her way into an interview at a ramen shop run solely by cats. When the feline manager asks if she likes cats, Tamako admits that she’s actually more of a dog person…only to be hired on the spot! But her job description isn’t quite what she expects? rather than serving ramen, she’s now a dedicated cat caretaker…?!

What got me to read the manga

I won’t deny what got me to read the manga has a lot to do with the manga being available to read for free on MANGA Plus.

What’s more, it has a lot of chapters right out of the gate too when it first came out on MANGA Plus.

With that being said, will I still give this manga a try if it’s not available on MANGA Plus or if it’s beyond the paywall?

Of course, the answer is yes.

I’m a cat lover and I enjoy pretty much any story that revolves around cats.

If you’re wondering what sort of books I tend to recommend on my blog, you can read my post about my preference right here.

What makes Red Cat Ramen manga worth reading

Well, who doesn’t find the manga fascinating when we have a story that revolves around a group of cats running a ramen shop?

And on top of that, they can talk too.

Not only that they’re making ramen for human consumption. But they also make a ramen that even a cat can consume.

If you know the ingredients that go into the making of ramen, then I’m sure you already know that some of the ingredients can be lethal for cats to consume.

But here we are, we have a ramen that is tasty enough for humans but safe enough for the cats to consume as well.

Of course, what makes the manga worth reading isn’t only because of the manga’s fascinating story concept.

It’s also because this manga will give you this wholesome feeling every time you read it.

For one, the part where the whole cat staff is taking a picture with one of their frequent customers as a parting gift when they find out that he’ll be transferring to a different company and won’t be able to come to the shop anymore.

And then there’s also a part where the cats are cheering and supporting this customer who will have a match in the next few days.

It’s no wonder that the manga will give you this feel-good feeling in every chapter you read.

Of course, there are some funny moments in the manga as well. But even with not many comic reliefs, each chapter will always leave you with this wholesome feeling.

What I didn’t expect when I read the manga

Believe it or not, the problems that these cats have to face aren’t that much different from humans who are running a similar business.

Just like humans, they also have a hard time recruiting a cat to work since many cats prefer not to work their bones off.

And even if they’re okay with working, they will still need to undergo rigorous, long-hour training to stop their fur from shedding.

How they can stop their fur from shedding without having to groom themselves is beyond me. But it seems like there’s a secret that allows them to not shed their fur so much.

As you can already expect, only a handful of them managed to complete the rigorous training.

And that’s not the only training they need to undergo.

They also need to learn how to train themselves to stand on their feet since they need it to serve food to their customers.

Of course, they also need to deal with rude customers like any other business would.

But the good news is they don’t have to deal with these people on their own since they have allies who will rally by their side when push comes to shove.

And yes, they’re humans in case you’re wondering.

Who should read the manga?

If you’re someone who is a cat lover and you’re looking for a light manga that gives you a wholesome feeling every time you read, then you can’t go wrong with this manga.

Where to buy the Red Cat Ramen manga

As far as I know, the manga has yet to be licensed in English for the print and digital release.

So, the only way for you to read the manga for now is none other than through MANGA Plus.

Keep in mind that you will need to subscribe to their paid plan if you want to read the rest of the chapters.

But the good news is you’ll get a 30-day free trial when you sign up for their Standard plan.

Interested in reading the manga? You can read the manga right here on MANGA Plus:

Red Cat Ramen manga on MANGA Plus

And if you’re thinking about getting the manga in Japanese, you can get the Japanese version of the manga in print right here at CDJapan:

Buy Red Cat Ramen manga in Japanese on CDJapan

Over to you

What do you think about the Red Cat Ramen manga? Are you interested in reading the manga after you read about it on my blog?

Let me know in the comments.

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