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Since the second season of Dr. STONE anime will be coming out soon and it’s Christmas by the time this post goes live, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to talk about Dr. STONE manga today.

Nope, I’m not going to discuss the things that seem different in the anime version when we compare it to the manga.

If that’s what you’re curious about, you can read about it right here.

But for now, I’d like to focus on the lesson that we all can learn from the manga itself.

I won’t deny that pretty much most of the manga and light novels do have tons of life lessons that we can learn from.

But out of many lessons that I come across from the manga and light novels, this lesson from Dr. STONE stands out to me the most.

Wait, isn’t the story a work of fiction?

Some of you seem to think that it’s ridiculous to draw a lesson from the manga and light novels simply because these are only the work of fiction.

How can we even learn a life lesson from the manga and light novels when the story and the characters aren’t real, right?

Well, you’re not wrong to think that most stories and characters in anime, manga, light novels, and even video games are the work of fiction.

But that is as far as the work of fiction goes. If the story includes facts or based on true events, social problems, and stigma, then the story is no longer a work of fiction anymore.

That seems to be the case for Dr. STONE as well. Sure, the story about the post-apocalyptic world isn’t real. But the facts presented in the manga are based on the real thing. You can even see them for yourself if you’re curious since Inagaki sensei does include the references that he used to write the story.

Just to let you know that I already write an extensive blog post on why anime isn’t entirely a work of fiction. You can read the blog post right here if you’re interested.

Even if the facts in the manga itself are made-up facts, it still doesn’t hurt for us to draw a lesson from the anime, manga, and light novels.

That’s how people in the old days used to do. They impart life lessons and wisdom to us through stories.

The most powerful lesson from Dr. STONE manga

If there’s one key takeaway from the manga, then it has to be this: knowledge is power.

With knowledge, you can regain anything that you already lost thanks to the knowledge that you have. It’s the one thing that NO ONE can take away from you.

Heck, you can even bounce back faster for the most part thanks to the knowledge that you gain all these years.

It’s just like what happened to Senku when he finally reawakens from the petrification thousands of years later.

When he reawakens, everything around him has already been destroyed. Heck, he doesn’t even have any clothes on him too when he finally breaks free from the petrification.

But thanks to his knowledge about science, he was able to bring back all the technologies that got lost during the petrification.

Of course, the technology that he created may not resemble the one that we’re familiar with. For one, the mobile phone and the camera that he created. They look a lot more like the prototype in the early days.

But hey, the technology does work like intended. And that’s a good thing.

Your action plan

Gain as much knowledge as you can along the way no matter how trivial the knowledge seems to you. You’ll never know when the knowledge turns out to be useful to you.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be something like going to college or getting a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. That’s fine too if that’s your preferred way to gain knowledge.

But it can be as simple as taking online courses, reading books about the subjects you want to know about, and learn from someone already successful at what you want to do.

Remember that you still don’t know as much as you know no matter how much knowledge you gain over the years. There will always be somebody who knows a lot more than you do. And they’re better at it too.

It’s just like Senku where he needed help with sailing and navigating through the sea. He then seeks Ryusui to help him with navigating the sea since he doesn’t know about the sea as much as Ryusui does.

Thanks to the knowledge that he got from Ryusui, he then can come up with a better invention that will meet their objective.

That’s the power of knowledge. Added with your imagination, you can bring pretty much anything to life. It’s just like what Senku did.

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