Twisted Destiny

The Basketball Practice That Changes Everything

Takumi Ichirou is a first-year high schooler who is an excellent basketball player. Despite receiving many offers to join a basketball team from the prestigious schools in Japan, he chose to go to Minagawa Academy instead. It’s a school which is no longer in The Best 8.

Besides him, Takumi’s best friend, Hideki Nakamura also chose to go to Minagawa Academy because of their promise when they were kids. Just like Takumi, he also received numerous offers from the prestigious school. But he declined their invitations.

One day, their basketball team decided to have a practice match with Echizen High, which is one of the basketball powerhouses in Japan. That’s when both Takumi and Hideki reunite with their childhood friends, Hikaru Kitagawa and his twin brother, Kaoru.

Little they know that their happy reunion turns into a traumatic match that they’ve ever had, all because of Hikaru’s word.

Twisted Destiny is basketball, anime-inspired, sports original light novel in English by Sekina Mayu.

If you love anime and manga like Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk, then you’ll love a book that is fast pace, with a little bit of comedy in between.

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