Just like the previous season, here’s my winter 2016 anime must-watch list. If you have no idea what anime to watch this winter, then maybe my anime list will help.

The missing winter 2016 anime

I thought that Ajin will be coming this winter, but it turns out to be that the anime will be available through Netflix in mid 2016. So yes, too bad that it’ll be later than what I’ve expected.

Besides Ajin, Bungou Stray Dogs is another anime that I’m looking forward to. But it turns out to be that the anime will be on air in April. I guess I was wrong about this part.

Even though there’s no Ajin and Bungou Stray Dogs this season, I still have a lot of anime to watch this season.

P.S I list down the anime in the alphabetical order. If you ask me which anime that I love, it’s hard to rank because I pretty much watch anime across the genre as long as it has a good storyline.

So, here’s the list.

Akagami no Shirayuki Hime


For the obvious reason, I watched this anime is because I’ve watched the first season before. When I was watching the first season of this anime, I also read the manga at the same time. And with me reading 10 chapters a day, I’ve already finished reading the manga by the time they aired the final episode of the first season.

I can always prefer not to watch the second season since I already knew what happened. But, it doesn’t hurt for me to watch this anime because of Okamoto Nobuhiko who is the seiyuu for Obi. I wasn’t a fan of Obi in the beginning, but I began to like him when I read the manga.

So yes, I’m watching the second season because of Obi.

I highly recommend you to read the manga because they tend to skip some part of the plots in the anime. But the anime isn’t so bad either. The previous season was only 12-13 episodes, so you still have time to catch up with the latest episode if you watch the first season in one glob.

Assassination Classroom S2

Assassination Classroom S2

I’ve started watching the first season during the Christmas week since most of the anime I’ve watched were already ended. On top of that, they would only begin the Winter 2016 anime like a week after New Year. So, I took the opportunity to watch the first season of Assassination Classroom.

Sure, the assassination theme may sound heavy, but it’s not as brutal as I’ve expected. But I’m fine with that.

The previous season was 22 episodes, so you can still catch up with the latest episode if you have the time to do the first season marathon.

I don’t recommend you to watch the second season without watching the first season, though. But it’s a different story if you’ve read the manga.

Is it worth your time sprinting so then you can catch up with the latest episode? Of course, it is!

If you don’t feel like watching any other anime, this is the anime you should watch.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

boku dake ga inai machi

If you’re looking for a new spin in detective anime, then this is something you should watch.

Rather than we have the main character who can solve a case with the clues given, we have a main character who can revert the time to solve the case that goes way back when he was in the elementary school.

It’s kinda like a time travel thing. But the difference is, he also reverts back to being an elementary school student while having his memory as an adult attached to him.

This is another anime I recommend you to watch especially if you’re into a mystery anime.

Dimension W

Dimension W

I always assume that there’s nothing to talk much in the sci-fi genre, that is until I watch Dimension W. While anime like Psycho Pass has highlighted something that seems dystopian to me, Dimension W is highlighting something that doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all – a centralized electrical supply thanks to the discovery of another dimension called Dimension W. It’s another dimension besides X,Y, and Z.

Thanks to Dimension W, it’s possible to have a centralized electrical supply and from the look of it, the source of energy from Dimension W is abundant too.

Just like in a typical sci-fi manner, anything good will always a dark side to it. And even worst, they will try to sweep everything bad under the rug so nobody knows everything about it.

That seems like the premise of this anime.

This is another anime that is recommended to watch. Give this anime a try if you love sci-fi anime.

Durarara!! X2 Ketsu


As expected that I will also include this anime since I’ve watched the previous season of this anime before. Hopefully they’ll be able to wrap things up in this season, but I won’t be surprised at all if there’s going to be another continuation.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

hai to gensou no grimgar

It seems like this anime is what I called the SAO clone, with the exception that none of them know how they come to this world in the first place. And they don’t seem to have any recollection about their own past too. Ever since they day they’ve arrived at this world, they then begin to learn everything about the world including surviving in that world.

Unlike SAO where you can see that the characters are skillful in their own way, the characters in Hai to Gensou no Grimgar are clumsy and they screw a lot during the battle. I guess maybe they’ve tried to convince them that this is a real thing and it’s not even a game. And that’s the reason why we have so many clumsy characters who are making a big mess during the battle.

This anime somehow reminds me of Strange Dawn. But at least, the main characters in Strange Dawn remembers who they are. They just have no idea how they ended up in that place.

The anime itself is okay, but you probably don’t like it since the anime doesn’t have a fast pace like SAO and Overlord.

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Phantasy Star Online 2

The reason why I’ve decided to watch this anime is because I’m familiar with Phantasy Star Online game. Well, the only one that I’m familiar with is the Dreamcast version (yes, I know that it was many moons ago). So, I’m just watching this anime out of curiosity.

Not sure if it’s the same like the game or not, but all I can say is at least this anime doesn’t involve anything to do with the virtual reality. I guess this anime sounds like a diamond in the rough because most anime that has games as a theme are usually involving virtual reality.

If you love watching a video game adaptation, then you will enjoy this. At least the adaptation is much better than God Eater, in my opinion.

Prince of Stride – Alternative

Prince of Stride

If you already know about my fascination with sports anime, then it’s not a surprising to know that I will certainly watch this anime. While this anime is fun to watch, it doesn’t seem to have much tension and suspense like the one you’ve seen in anime like Haikyuu!! and Yowamushi Pedal.

I don’t know why, but maybe it has something to do with this anime is an adaptation from visual novel. And this game itself is an otome game. Not sure if there’s no such thing as suspense in the otome game, but the anime itself lack this kind of element.

The anime reminds me of Free! because of the conflict arised throughout the story. So, if you prefer drama over suspense during the actual event, then you’ll enjoy watching this anime.

Sekkou Boys

Sekkou Boys

I’ve no idea why I’ve decided to watch this anime, but I guess it must have something to do with having sculpters as an idol group. As far as what they can do, they don’t seem to do the idol stuff that much so far. I think you can’t expect sculpters to behave exactly like their human idol counterparts.

The anime is only less than 10 minutes, though. So, if you’re pressing for time and enjoy watching comedy anime, then this anime is for you.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

What caught my attention about this anime is because of the behind the scene of game creation aspect, even though they’re creating a bishoujo game. From the game development point of view, creating a bishoujo game isn’t as complicated as creating a similar game like Metal Gear Solid. But this anime points out what you need to have, particularly when it comes to the manpower, if you’ve decided to create your own game.

While the game doesn’t describe much about the video games industry as a whole, I must say that the anime itself highlights the important points about the game making process.

You might enjoy this anime if you love watching anime like Shirobako and Sore ga Seiyuu!, but don’t expect that this anime depicts the industry standard as a whole.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu

I don’t know anything about rakugo, so this anime is somewhat refreshing for me. While the rakugo scene is during the showa era, I guess it doesn’t hurt for me to watch something like this.

This is another anime that I highly recommend to watch because of its nice storyline. And the animation somehow reminds me of Barakamon too.

My overall thought about Winter 2016 anime

The anime for winter 2016 doesn’t have a lot of amazing titles other than the continuation from the first season. But still, I think the anime we have for this season isn’t that bad.

I guess we should just wait for the next season to see if there are many anime that are worth raving.