Summer 2015 Anime Must Watch

When I take a look at my previous summer anime must-watch list, I usually had a long list of anime to watch. And that’s my expectation too for this year’s summer. To my surprise, I don’t have a long list of anime to watch this summer.

What makes my anime watch list remain the same is all because of the continuation of the anime from the previous season such as Denpa Kyoushi, Arslan Senki and Shokugeki no Soma. I already expect that Arslan Senki won’t end that fast, but I never expect Denpa Kyoushi and Shokugeki no Soma to continue this summer. I thought that anime like that would end with 13 episodes at most, just like Hataraku Maou-Sama.

Anime like Ace of Diamond and Baby Steps won’t end that fast either. So yeah, adding up with the new anime that I’m currently watching this summer, I end up with a long list of anime to watch.

I admit that the anime for this summer are somewhat blah to me. But I still have quite a few anime that are worth watching.

If you have no clue what anime you should be paying attention to this summer, then have a look at my summer 2015 anime must-watch list here.

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Akagami no Shirayukihime

This anime is also known as Snow White with the red hair in English. From the title itself, you can tell exactly that it’s the Japanese version of Snow White. Rather than having a typical, useless, damsel in distress Snow White we used to know, we have a slightly stronger version here in this anime.

Okay, Shirayuki always get herself in trouble all the time even though she never asked for it. But at least she would always find a way to solve that problem herself before hoping for someone else to come and help her. And as always, it’s got to be the Prince Zen.

Initially, I don’t even have any plan to watch this anime. But I got myself pulled to watch this anime because of the CM I’ve seen on Anime News Network. Now, tell me how can I NOT watch this anime because of the hype? If they have a dedicated TV ad to promote the anime, then the anime should be a big deal, right?

Besides that, the seiyuu for Prince Zen is the same seiyuu for Sawamura Eijun from Ace of Diamond. So yes, at least it’s convincing enough for me to give this anime a try.

Chaos Dragon

Chaos Dragon

I admit that Gen Urobochi is a part of this anime’s production, but that’s not the reason why I’m watching this anime. Storyline is what matters the most to me. This anime does have a depressing storyline though. The main character, Ibuki who has made a contract with the red dragon, has to sacrifice his friends or anyone close to him if he wants to use the red dragon’s power to defeat his enemies. Yes, that’s just wow. It’s far more depressing than I thought.

This anime reminds me of Danganronpa where it will show you who Ibuki has sacrificed at the end of each episode. Whether they’re dead or alive, it will highlight which character becomes the target of the sacrifice or those who are already dead. Not sure if the target for the sacrifice will eventually die, but if that’s the case, Ibuki will be all alone at the end of the day.

Now I’m looking forward how this anime will end. Hopefully, it doesn’t have a crappy ending like Mahou Sensou.

Durarara!! X2 Ten

Durarara!! X2 Ten

This is the continuation of Durarara!! from the previous season. So, of course I won’t want to miss to watch it. At least, the gap between the current season with the previous season isn’t that big. But I still I need to recall what the fuss is all about since the first season was like many moons ago.

Maybe that’s only me though.


Gangsta anime

This anime isn’t just about crime, mafia and violence. It does have a good storyline too. But then again, I won’t deny that it does have a lot of elements that are not suitable for kids. Well, this is the kind of anime that I love to watch anyway because it’s this kind of anime that has a deep and complex storyline.

Apart from the fact that Junichi Suwabe (the seiyuu for Aomine in Kuroko no Basket), that makes it even more interesting to watch since I’m also a fan of his. Not to mention another of my favorite seiyuu, Mamiko Noto is also one of the seiyuu in this anime. There’s more reason to watch this anime besides its good storyline.

Too bad that this is a short anime. So, that means that it will be over by the end of summer.



I knew about GOD EATER as a video game. Too bad that I’ve never played the game before. So, I’m just curious how the anime adaptation will look like. I admit that the pacing is a bit rushed because it doesn’t explain what sort of enemies they’re facing and how they’re going to fight them. Well, it can’t be helped since it’s difficult to adapt a story from a video game into an anime.

Putting the pacing aside, the anime art style doesn’t really follow the traditional anime look. The art style is close to the 3D look which makes this anime stands out from the rest. That is something new to me since I’ve never seen ufotable did something like this.

Or maybe this is just me.


OverLord anime

Okay, I won’t deny that this anime is the carbon copy of Sword Art Online (SAO). The difference is only one character is stuck in the online world and you don’t even know how he looks like in real life. All you’ve been seeing all the time is his avatar which is an undead character. Now, he’s the only playable in the game and surrounded with other NPCs in the game.

Watch this if you don’t mind staring at the undead character as an avatar.

Ranpo Kitan – Game of Laplace

Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace

This is another anime that I didn’t have any intention to watch initially no thanks to the vague description about this anime. So yeah, I only began to watch this anime when I read a review about it on Anime News Network. That was also the time I discovered that Takahiro Sakurai is the seiyuu for Akechi and you know how much of a big fan I am when it comes to Takahiro Sakurai.

This anime is similar to Detective Conan, but it takes a different approach on explaining the reason why the murder takes place and how the murder is conducted. Rather than explaining it in the explicit way, this anime explains the murder in the form of a stage play with narration and in a comical way for something that is so grotesque.

So yeah, it’s truly a different approach for an anime like this. And I’m surprised it’s for Noitamina slot, considering that anime in Noitamina slot never seems to shy away from anything violent.

Sore ga Seiyuu!

Sore ga Seiyuu!

For those of you who don’t know, I always have a penchant for anime that talks about behind the scene about anime, manga and video games industry. And that’s the reason why I’m also drawn to watch anime like Sore ga Seiyuu! If Shirobako is about anime production, then Sore ga Seiyuu! is about life as a seiyuu who is about to get started.

I don’t know much about life as a seiyuu other than what I’ve seen in Shirobako, so I think this anime is a nice addition to that. Maybe I will write about something like this after this anime is over. That will be a good reference for me as an author.

Ushio to Tora

Ushio to Tora

I’ve seen Ushio to Tora manga in the past but I never bother to buy the manga. For one is because the title isn’t interesting at all and I don’t like the art style. When the anime for Ushio to Tora finally comes out, I’ve decided to give this anime a try since it must be a big deal for an old manga to get an anime adaptation.

The anime can be a bit mind-boggling a bit because it has a supernatural element in it, but it’s also hilarious at the same time. I don’t like the manga art style, but I just let it slipped since the anime itself is hilarious.

Too bad that the publication for this manga here was stopped a long time ago along with other manga that I used to buy such as Flame of Recca, Mar and Gash Bell! Otherwise, I would have considered to buy this manga in the local language.

Which anime do you like to watch?

Have you decided what anime you’d like to watch after taking a look at my summer 2015 anime must watch list? Share what you’d like to watch in the comment below. If you’re watching other anime besides what I’ve listed here, feel free to list them down too. I’d like to know what you’re watching this summer.