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Love reading manga and light novels in English, especially seinen light novels? Check. Love reading thriller and suspense novels? Check. If you’re always searching for a thriller and suspense novel that feels like you’re reading seinen manga and light novels, then you will certainly enjoy reading my novels. What’s even better, these novels are all in English. And you can enjoy reading my books either in digital or print format.

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The Virtual Mass Murder Trigger Locked Book 3

The Virtual Mass Murder (Trigger Locked Book 3)

The virtual, multiplayer online action game, Fatal Bullet, is now a craze among the gamers alike. Touka and her twin brother, Yuuto, are no exception to the craze. They even agreed to take part in the game’s first official tournament when their friend, Manabe, asked them to join him.

But their excitement was short-lived when Manabe told them about the game’s disturbing rumor that has been circulating online. And that is when people die in the game, they also die in real life.

Thinking that rumor is bogus, they decided to continue playing the game, anyway.

It was only when they found out that three people were already dead that they realize that the rumor was indeed true, after all.

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