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Okay, I can guess what you have in mind when you hear about receiving my new blog post announcement through email.

Who in the world checks emails these days for updates? Isn’t that what social media is for?

There’s no reason to get the new blog post announcement through email when you can do the same thing on social media.

Yes, you’re not wrong about that. But as someone who quit social media not too long ago, I find catching up with the new blog post announcements through email is so much easier.

And it’s even more so when there’s so much noise on social media.

The worst part of all? Social media can be a time-suck if you let it be.

Want to cut back on social media and still interested in catching up with my latest blog post? Then I highly recommend you join my email list.

Not only you’ll also get my latest blog post notification sent through your inbox. But you can also read the post straight from your inbox, no clicking to read the full blog post is required.

And did I mention it’s free to sign up, with the post being ad-free too?

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