Negative comments

Back then, I already write a blog post about the same blog post that talks about why you shouldn’t care about the negative comments that people say about your favorite anime.

But then again, I feel like this negative comments topic is worth repeating again simply because I’m seeing the same situation over and over again.

Instead of hearing the negative comments from the people who are close to me, I end up hearing the negative comments from the people that I don’t know and I don’t care about.

I’m pretty sure that you encounter these people pretty much everywhere. In fact, you don’t have to go far just to find these people.

Just head over to anime download websites like HorribleSubs, YouTube comments and the large forum like ANN Forum.

It’s with these people that we end up arguing back and forth.

The negative comments also affect me too

For the most part, I don’t care what people think about the anime that I watch and like. I’m aware that everyone has a different taste.

What seems like my holy-grail anime can be the worst anime for some people.

But sometimes, the curiosity gets the better of me.

I’m just curious what people think about the anime that I watch and like despite knowing that their comments tend to be cynical, harsh and can be somewhat toxic.

In case you’re wondering, I was venturing into people’s comments about Black Clover.

Lo and behold, I got the taste of that type of comments.

Sure, some people enjoy watching Black Clover as much as I do. But for most people, they trash the anime.

Some of them did say that the manga is much better than the anime, which is a valid argument. I also have the same thought about Naruto anime simply because I don’t enjoy watching the filler episodes that much.

But the rest of the comments seem to trash everything about Black Clover.

In case you’re wondering, I enjoy watching Black Clover even though I’m not a big fan of fantasy shonen anime. But hey, the anime itself is enjoyable to watch. So, I’m okay with that.

But for some people, they trash Black Clover anime as if it’s the worst anime they’ve ever seen.

I’m not a huge fan of Black Clover. But I never expect that their harsh comments hurt me even though Black Clover isn’t my holy grail anime.

Of course, the harsh and negative comments don’t stop in Black Clover. I also came across quite a few negative comments about Satsuriku no Tenshi too.

As a result, I began to question my anime preferences.

Do my anime preferences are that bad?

In the end, these people’s opinions don’t matter

Well, that’s the truth. What these people think doesn’t matter. After all, they can’t seem to be satisfied with anything in this world.

They will always be complaining, calling this so-and-so anime to be a complete trash.

They will always be cynical and will always try to find flaws in whatever anime they watch. They will do the same even if the anime itself is already good by the industry standard.

These people will always cease to exist.

It’s you that matters the most

In the end, what matters the most is you. Ask yourself if you enjoy watching that particular anime.

If you enjoy watching the anime despite its flaws, then it doesn’t matter what people think about the anime. After all, we all have a different taste in anime.

Keep in mind that some people just don’t realize that they don’t have to watch what everyone else is watching.

But for some strange reason, they keep on watching the anime even if it’s the anime that they won’t touch with the ten-foot pole.

It’s because of them that we have people like them who complained about the anime that they watch being a complete trash.

Is the anime a complete trash?

Well, it is a complete trash if it’s something that you don’t enjoy.

The key to finding the anime that you enjoy is as simple as understanding yourself.

Some people just fail in this department. And what we can do on our side is to cut some slack on these people.

If they know what anime they enjoy watching, they already steer clear of the anime that will give them a huge disappointment.

Don’t let the negative comments get into you no matter what

I admit that it’s not easy to let the negative comments get into your mind.

So, all I can say is to ignore all those naysayers and stick with whatever anime that you enjoy watching.

Don’t even bother to scroll the comment sections of the YouTube videos or the comments on ANN Forum. It’s not surprising that many of them won’t say anything nice about your favorite anime.

These people will never find any joy in their life anyway. So, don’t let them ruin yours.