Identifying Yourself As An Anime Fan

I won’t deny that I always find a lot of hot topics to discuss on my forum. And this time, it’s about being a fan of anime, manga, and video game.

You can read the question and Justin’s answer to this question here, but if you don’t feel like reading the whole Q&A, here’s the question that I like to focus in this blog post:

At what point should someone admit to themselves that they might not be a fan anymore?

Okay, that may seem like a no-brainer to some of us. But if you can relate to the person who asked Justin, I have a short answer for you.

When you’re no longer an anime fan

The answer to this question is simple: you’re no longer a fan of any kind (not just limited to anime, manga, and video game) when you have no interest in it anymore.

In the case of anime, you’d probably started watching anime maybe because people around you were watching it and you happened to get caught in the anime bug. Or maybe you watched it out of curiosity and too bad for you that you found anime was boring.

It doesn’t matter what’s the reason that got you involved in the otaku realm. But if you feel that you’ve already fallen out of love with anime, manga, and video game, that’s just a sign that you no longer a fan anymore. You don’t want to associate yourself with anything that is no longer interesting to you anymore.

It’s just that simple.

You and I are doing just fine

If we take a closer look at the definition of otaku, I don’t think that I fit into the otaku mold and I bet you feel the same too. I mean, we can be extreme sometimes, but we know it better that there are people who are more extreme than us.

And that’s actually fine.

Maybe you only watch 1 show per year just like the guy who asked Justin. Or maybe you only watch whatever anime that caught your attention even if the majority of the population says that the anime sucks. Or maybe you’re into anime, manga, and video game but never seems to care about attending the anime conventions.

Well, none of us has the right to say that you’re not considered a fan anymore if you don’t do what otaku will normally do. If you feel bad about it, then don’t be because it’s not like the rules to be an otaku are already carved in stone.

For me, as long as you have an interest with the anime, manga, and video game, even if it’s just a little, you’re already a fan.

I’m pretty sure that you won’t call yourself an anime fan (or whatever fandom you’re in) if you have no interest in it, right?

My own way of being an anime fan

Whenever I compare the current me and me in the old days, I would say that the current me resembles a lot more like an otaku.

Why is that? Back in the old days, I don’t know much about the new anime for that particular season. I just watched whatever that has caught my attention or recommended by my friends. But now, not only I’m always in the loop about the new anime for this season and even in the next season, but I also tend to obsess with the seiyuu for the anime.

In fact, there are some anime that I watch is because many of my favorite seiyuu are there. *cough Takahiro Sakurai cough*

Knowing that we have truckloads of anime for every season, my watch-list will always be 15-20 anime per week including the ongoing anime either from the previous season or long series anime such as Fairy Tail. I know, that’s a lot to watch.

So, how do I manage to catch up with all of the anime?

While it used to be a struggle for me to keep up, I realize that all I need to do is to make time for it. Since most anime that I watch are coming out on Sunday, I just allocate the time to watch at least 3 anime per day. If I can’t finish watching the rest of the anime that released on that day, I just continue watching it the next day.

After experimenting it for a couple of times, I’ve noticed that it’s bearable. What’s even better, there will always be a day where I have no anime to watch in every season. So, I use that free day to catch up with whatever anime that I didn’t get to watch on the day the anime was released.

Maybe my solution will only work for me, but hey, you can give it a try if you want to. If you ever did, just let me know in the comment below. That will be great to know.