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How to buy Kindle books when you don’t have a credit card? Can you still buy anything on Amazon for that matter if you don’t have one?

While this question may not hold much weight to many of us who can buy things on Amazon with a credit card, that doesn’t seem to be the case for some people.

Heck, they even need to get themselves a US address just to bypass the region restriction.

The good news is now you can buy pretty much everything on Amazon even if you live outside of the US.

So, the region restriction thing is no longer an issue anymore because of that.

But even with that, you can’t really buy things on Amazon when you don’t have a credit card.

That can be a little heartbreaking to some people since many books tend to be available exclusively on Amazon.

Amazon still has its place

As much as I encourage people to buy books on Bookwalker, we all know that not all manga are available on Bookwalker.

Case in point: Shonen Jump manga.

If you’re thinking about wanting to buy Naruto and Bleach manga in digital format, you can only get them on Amazon.

Another place to buy manga is Kobo if buying books on Amazon isn’t an option for you.

While that can be another option considering that Kobo tends to have a much wider reach than Amazon, you’re still facing the same issue.

Yes, that’s right. Not all books are available on Kobo as well.

Whether you like it or not, you still have to resort to buying books on Amazon since you can guarantee that the books you want will be on Amazon.

And let’s not forget the region restriction that Bookwalker imposed on some manga and light novels due to the licensing reason.

If you want to bypass the region restriction on any of these books, your best bet is still to get them on Amazon.

What about if you’re someone like me who also reads nonfiction books? There’s no doubt that you can only get those books on Amazon for sure.

Say whatever you want about Amazon. As much as it pains me to admit it, Amazon is still the best place to get pretty much any books you can think of.

And yes, even the lesser-known ones.

How to buy Kindle books without being under scrutiny by Amazon

When you think about how to buy Kindle books when you have no credit card, you may think that I’m going to suggest something illegal, right?

Don’t worry if that’s your concern.

The method that I’m going to suggest is certainly legal.

Even better? It’s only a click away from your Amazon account provided that you have a credit card, of course.

But even if you don’t, it’s not that hard to get your hands on this thing. And you don’t have to get it directly from Amazon if it’s not an option for you.

So, what is this method that is legal and you can buy it with a click of a button through your Amazon account?

Well, I’m talking about the Amazon gift card.

Why an Amazon gift card?

The good thing about using an Amazon gift card when you buy things on Amazon is that you can skip all the processes required to pay for your purchase with a credit card.

You know, things like entering the security code sent to your phone upon making a purchase?

If you’re buying using a gift card, you don’t have to deal with the verification process.

So, how does the process work?

If you opt for the digital gift card, you will then receive an email with your gift card code in it.

The process of redeeming the physical gift card is simple too.

Just enter the code in the gift card section in your Amazon account to redeem the amount and your account is pretty much funded.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards online?

While there are many places that sell Amazon gift cards online, my favorite place to get one is Playasia.

What I love about Playasia is that not only do they sell Amazon US gift cards. But they also sell gift cards for other countries’ Amazon as well.

Have a hard time purchasing Amazon Japan? You can get the Amazon Japan gift card on Playasia instead of using your credit card to make a purchase.

That should solve the problem.

Of course, you can get other digital codes on Playasia too, not just Amazon gift cards.

If you’re curious about what other digital codes that you can get at Playasia, you can see for yourself right here:

Buy digital codes at Playasia

As for the Amazon gift card specifically, you can take a look at this page right here instead:

Buy Amazon gift cards at Playasia

Just to let you know that I’ve never bought an Amazon gift card on Playasia. But I did buy Mobage Prepaid Card from them before.

The downside of buying the Amazon gift card

Depending on where you buy the gift card, you will need to pay a little more than the amount stated on the gift card.

Let’s say you want to buy a $10 Amazon gift card on Playasia.

Rather than paying $10 for the amount, you will have to pay an extra $3.99 for the gift card instead.

So, the total you will have to pay is $13.99, not $10.

The more amounts you buy in a gift card, the larger the extra amount you have to pay.

That seems to be the case with the Amazon gift card which has a large amount.

If you buy a $100 Amazon gift card, you’ll have to pay an extra $19.99.

That means you’re paying almost $120 for a $100 Amazon gift card. It sure is a lot when the extra amount you have to pay makes up 1/5 of the gift card value itself.

Is it worth doing it?

Some of you probably think that it’s not worth going through this process when you have to pay extra just to get the Amazon gift card elsewhere.

But when you think about all the digital versions of Shonen Jump manga that you can buy on Amazon, it sure is worth going through the hoopla.

It sure does feel great that these books are no longer off-limits to you now that you can buy them using an Amazon gift card.

And that’s what matters the most.

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