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Trigger Locked: A Triggered Past e-book cover

Trigger Locked: A Triggered Past synopsis

When the past starts to hunt for your life once again

Touka and her twin brother, Yuuto, may only be your typical first-year middle schooler. But they enjoy learning about self-defense and spy techniques from their military-freak father.

Every day feels like a typical day for them. That is until one day, they notice a group of men who are keeping an eye on them. Initially, they only feel like they’re just being sensitive. But after checking through, they realize that these men are actually targeting them all this time.

Because of how dire their situation is, they begin to tell their parents about it. Little they know that their conversation with their parents on that day become a focal point that changes everything in their life.

And the worst part? They can no longer lead a life like they used to be, no matter how hard they try.

Twisted Destiny: The Past book cover

Twisted Destiny: The Past synopsis

A fated meeting that shapes the destiny

Takumi Ichirou is a first-year middle schooler who loves basketball. His dream is to play basketball together with his friends on the same team when they enter the middle school. However, his dream shatters into pieces when his friends are moving out of Kawasaki and goes to the different middle school.

With his friends no longer with him, it means that he has to compete against them during Interschool Tournament, a basketball tournament for the middle schools in Japan. And Takumi doesn’t like the idea of competing against his friends.

Feeling frustrated, he decided to quit playing basketball when he enters the middle school. After his fateful meeting with Makoto Izumi, a fourth grader who also loves basketball, he then decided to resume playing basketball in the middle school again.

Fate starts to play around with him again when he has to fight against his best friend, Hideki Nakamura during the preliminaries for Interschool Tournament.

Will Takumi be able to win the game when he has to fight against the people who are dear to him?