Flawed Anime

Wow, that seems harsh even coming from me, right? Whether you like it or not, it’s true that the anime that you love will always be a flawed anime to some people.

It’s this kind of people that you always see in the forum or even in the YouTube comment section who will always nitpick on every single aspect of your favorite anime.

It stings when you see someone who always finds the anime to be lacking in so many ways despite the anime seems perfectly fine to you.

As much as I’d like to tell you to ignore these people, I hate to say it that they can be right about the flaws they notice in your favorite anime.

Wait, am I contradicting myself here?

In my recent blog post about negative comments, I did say that we shouldn’t let other people’s negative comments destroy our love for the anime.

I still stand by that statement. If you read a comment that says that this anime is garbage and this person has no idea why everybody is still watching this crap, then, by all means, you should ignore that.

But if someone points out the critical flaws of the anime and many people are also noticing the same thing, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ignore what these people are saying.

It’s true that some people are expressing their opinion based on their own observation and experience. And it’s because of this reason that we get varied opinions on the same issue.

But in this situation, I encourage you to consider their thoughts even if you don’t necessarily agree with what they say.

I know, their critical analysis stings you. But it’s also for your own good too.

You have to accept the fact that your favorite anime is a flawed anime

Let’s be realistic here. There’s no such thing as a perfect anime. But as a creator, we all strive to make it as perfect as possible.

There will always be a little bit of imperfection during the launch day. But that’s fine as long as the imperfections don’t outshine the best features of the anime itself.

The problem arises when the anime has obvious flaws that so many people can’t ignore them. As a result, many people begin to pinpoint the flaws, even from those who are a big fan of the anime itself.

And then we have another group of fans who attack the people who pinpoint the flaws, saying that their opinions are biased.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen this kind of people around.

Heck, you could be one of these people.

I understand that you love the anime and will stand by it. But ignoring the critical flaws of the anime won’t do you any good.

It’s great that the anime flaws don’t hinder you in any way. Even if you prefer to ignore the flaws, at the very least, don’t attack these people only because you disagree with what they say.

Whether you like it or not, you have to accept other people’s opinion even if you disagree with them. That’s what it means with entitled to your own opinion.

I also experience that myself

As an anime blogger, it’s not surprising at all that there will always be an individual who will lash out at me because of the things I write.

One of them happens to be my post about SAO Alternative being better than the original SAO.

This person lashed out on me on Tumblr, saying that I was looking down on Kawahara Reki and I had a biased opinion about SAO.

Here’s something that you should know about what I write about SAO.

What I say about SAO is more or less the same as what everybody else is saying. In other words, I’m not saying anything new about SAO and SAO Alternative.

The reason why I agree with these people is because I also noticed the same thing. I don’t agree with them for the sake of agreeing with them.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you realize that I tend to disagree with so many things. And that includes people from the anime industry and the anime influencers.

I write based on my own observation, even if it’s an unpopular opinion.

I also feel hurt when people nitpick my favorite thing

If you read my post about Satsuriku no Tenshi, you know that my curious mind tends to get the better of me.

Without realizing, I spend hours just scrolling through the comment section to read the comments.

That’s what happened to me when I watched a YouTube video talking about FFXV fan survey analysis.

As expected, my curiosity got the better of me. I began to read through the comment, wondering what people thought about FFXV.

To be honest, I can write a book about my honest thought about FFXV. But in a nutshell, I do enjoy the game even though the story has so many loopholes that make me want to pull my hair.

While some people shared the same opinion as I was, there were also a bunch of them who thought that the game was awful. And they couldn’t be bothered to play the game anymore only because they felt that the game was incomplete.

Not only that, but there were some people who said that they hated the open world concept and the battle felt repetitive to them.

As much as I wanted to lash out, wanting to disagree with them, I realize that it’s their opinion.

And I have to admit that they’re right about that, even though it pains me to accept their opinion about the game.

What you should do as a fan

There’s nothing wrong to defend something that you like. But ignoring the obvious flaws won’t do you any good either.

It’s true that we tend to dismiss the obvious flaws when we truly like something.

It’s because of this reason that we end up attacking people who pinpoint the obvious flaws.

Keep in mind that whatever we like tend to have obvious flaws. We fail to see the flaws because our love and obsession is clouding our judgment.

When you see people pinpointing the obvious flaws in your favorite anime and video game, accept their opinion even if you disagree with them.

When it comes to opinion, no one is right. And no one is wrong either.

Attacking these people only because you don’t agree with them won’t change their perception about the game and the anime, anyway.

You’re only wasting your time.