Anime and Manga Piracy

What does Kuroko no Basket: Last Game has anything to do with anime and manga piracy, you ask?

Well, I do know the impact of the illegal anime downloading and scanlation in a good way and in a bad way. But then again, I witnessed something extraordinary when I watched Kuroko no Basket: Last Game movie in the movie theater last month.

It’s not like Kuroko no Basket: Last Game is the first anime shown in the movie theater here. In fact, there are countless more anime movies shown here, way before Kuroko no Basket: Last Game.

But Kuroba paints a different picture than any other anime movies I’ve seen.

And I think part of it has something to do with the illegal downloading and the availability of the scanlations.

I’ve never seen anything like this

I always receive an email notification whenever a new movie is coming out.

Same goes with Kuroko no Basket: Last Game movie.

As a Kuroba fan and it’s also the manga that inspires me to write sports original light novel, Twisted Destiny, of course, I wanted to watch the movie even if I had to travel to a neighboring city to watch it.

It was unfortunate that it was only available at a selected movie theater. But I didn’t mind much about that. I did the same when they had Yowamushi Pedal movie screening back then.

I always pre-booked my ticket whenever I had to go to a different city to watch any anime movie. But when I tried to book the ticket for Kuroba movie, I couldn’t get the ticket for the 12 p.m show on Saturday.

It wasn’t like the 12 p.m show was already sold out. There were still a few seats left. But I couldn’t book the ticket at all. It seemed like the remaining seats were reserved for the walk-in customers who wanted to watch the movie.

Since I couldn’t get the 12 p.m show on Saturday, I pre-booked the ticket for the same time but on Sunday instead.

I managed to get the ticket. But my seat was three rows from the screen, though.

And it didn’t end there.

I was in disbelief

On the day I planned to watch the movie, I took a look at the showtime list for a brief moment after I collected my tickets.

I was surprised to find out that the 4.00 p.m show for Kuroko no Basket: Last Game was already sold out. And the 8.00 p.m show was almost full.

And guess what? It was around 11.30 a.m when I saw the list.

Even my niece also found it hard to believe when I told her about what I saw.

We assumed that not many people would want to watch Kuroba.

It’s understandable if it’s Naruto movie or SAO.

But it was surprising for us to find out that there were many Kuroba fans here.

A silver lining in this scene

After seeing how packed the hall for Kuroba on that day, I begin to think that the illegal downloading and the scanlations have made it possible.

I doubt that many people would be flocking to see Kuroko no Basket: Last Game if it’s not because of the illegal downloading and scanlations.

Keep in mind that not all of us will resort to illegal downloading and scanlations.

I’m pretty sure that some of us who are also among the audience do buy the manga or get the DVD/Blu-Ray box set

Sure, the percentage is small. But for the rest of us who download the anime illegally or rely on the scanlations, we do what we can to support the fandom whenever it’s available locally.

And it can be as simple as watching the movie when it’s available at the local movie theater.

So, it’s amazing for me to see that so many people would come and watch the movie, especially when we can’t watch Kuroba on Crunchyroll.

Well, we could watch the third season when it was available at Daisuki. But that was just about it.

I’m not sure about the manga. But I do know that Kinokuniya here stocks the Japanese manga. Unless you can read Japanese, it’s pointless to get one.

Kinokuniya also sells English-translated manga. But I wouldn’t bet on them stocking Kuroba manga.

So, I do believe that many of us will buy the English version online. Not sure where Kuroba fans get the manga, though.

I’m not an anime and manga piracy advocate

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to imply here that I’m supporting anime and manga piracy.

But let’s be realistic here, we can’t stop the piracy no matter how many countermeasures we take.

As an author myself, I know how big the impact of piracy itself. And it’s no surprise here why some mangaka are being vocal about this issue.

But when we put so many red tapes in the name of copyright protection, it will only discourage people from discovering the work in the first place.

Most people want to sample the work before they buy. But it can be hard for people to have a look at the work itself when there’s no other way to do it other than to opt for the illegal means.

If that’s how we can get people to buy and support the fandom, then we should let it be.

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