Anime Blog Written From The Creator’s Perspective

While I love to share behind the scene of my original English light novels’ publishing process, I also love to talk about anime, manga, and video games on my blog. Rather than talking about it from the anime fan’s perspective, I prefer to talk about it from the creator’s perspective instead. So, you can expect that most posts on my anime blog will be about my opinions on the business side of the anime, manga, and video games industry.

My Summer 2017 Anime Must-Watch List

Comparing to Spring 2017 anime lineup, I find that the anime list for Summer 2017 seems to be lacking. Well, that’s what I think until I begin to watch the anime for this season. It seems like the anime lineup for Summer 2017 isn’t that bad after all. If you’re not sure about what you should be watching this season, then take a look at my list to get started.

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Here’s Your Chance to Become a Real Fashion Stylist

Becoming a fashion stylist is always your dream career. While Stella & Dot Become a Stylist Program seems to be your pathway to become a fashion stylist, you feel that the program won’t turn you into a fashion stylist. If that’s how you feel about the program, this new product line will make you believe that the program will make your dream of becoming a fashion stylist becomes a reality.

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The Differing Opinions About Granblue Fantasy

There’s no denying that I love Granblue Fantasy, not just the game but also the anime as well. And thanks to my curiosity, I’m always wondering about people’s perception of the game and anime. Because of that, I come across quite a few arguments that bring to my attention. This post is about my opinion about their arguments related to Granblue Fantasy.

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The Fastest Way To Become a Fashion Stylist

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist but feels like it’s going to take a long time and investment to establish yourself as a fashion stylist? Well, here’s how you can become a fashion stylist fast. What’s even better, it costs less than enrolling in the fashion styling training.

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The Silver Lining of Anime and Manga Piracy

I know that the topic of anime and manga piracy will never seem to end. While I do know how significant it is the impact of anime and manga piracy, it’s amazing to see it for myself when I went to watch Kuroko no Basket: Last Game. Kuroba fandom isn’t as big as Naruto and SAO fandom. And that’s the reason why it’s interesting to see the impact of anime and manga piracy on anime like Kuroba.

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A New Season, A New Career Path

Spring is always associated with starting a life from a clean slate. Since Spring is already here, why don’t you consider starting a new career path that you always want to have? If you think that it’s already too late, then fret not. It’s never too late for anything you want to do.

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