Trigger Locked: A Triggered Past

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Original English Light Novels

Maybe you like to read light novels (Sword Art Online, anyone?) and you start to wonder is there any other books that give¬†you the same kind of feeling like Sword Art Online. But it’s the original English light novels. It doesn’t need to have the exact same storyline like Sword Art Online. But at least, it gives you the anime feeling whenever you read it even though the novels are not written by Japanese authors.

If this is the kind of book that you’re looking for, then take a look at my original English light novels. All of the books that I’ve written here are inspired by the anime I’ve watched, the manga I’ve read and the video games I’ve played.

Not only it’s an original story (well, duh) but the book covers are also influenced by anime, manga, and video games. Now it does feel like reading a light novel, with English as the original language.

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Everything You Need to Know About The Trigger Locked Prequel

After a long time, the prequel to the Trigger Locked series, A Triggered Past is officially released. Here’s a dedicated blog post that explains the reason behind the long delay. And what can you do to support me so then I continue releasing original light novels in English in the future.

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Hi, My Name is Sekina Mayu

And guess what, I’m an anime-inspired indie author. Actually, anime isn’t the only inspiration behind my writings. Besides anime, writings are also influenced by the video games I’ve played and by the manga I’ve read. One of the reasons why I’m highly influenced by anime, manga, and video games is because of the way they do the storytelling and, of course, the storyline.

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